In the medical industry, devices and instrumentation are held to a high standard.

The reason is to ensure patients are receiving the best quality healthcare possible. Manufacturers must adhere to various industrial standards in order to supply medical products to diverse companies

When manufacturing products for medical applications, there is no room for error. Improperly made products can have serious, and sometimes fatal consequences. medical-grade-ball-bearings

Many companies are unsure of what to expect from their manufacturers, and the team at Precision Plastic Ball wants to help clarify the requirements you should be aware of.

To meet the exacting needs of medical applications, you must choose a company with a record of proven results. Our new eBook, Choosing a Partner in the Medical Device Field: Trends and Requirements for Medical Grade Precision Ballsdetails guidelines for choosing a high-quality manufacturing partner. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality, versatile medical grade balls, Precision Plastic Ball can deliver the results you need.

Our Capabilities

Our team can manufacture balls of various sizes and materials. They are often used in medical devices—such as dental and surgical hand-pieces and intravenous check valves—and can help sustain patient life in the hospital.

Precision Plastic Ball utilizes the highest-quality FDA-approved materials and colorants in the manufacture of medical grade balls, supported by the approval of major medical suppliers. Our medical grade balls also resist corrosion and various chemical substances, ensuring that our customers receive finalized products that exceed the most stringent regulations of the medical industry. We still recommend sterilizing the balls upon receipt to maintain a 100% sterile product

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Precision Plastic Ball Co. has the capabilities to produce medical grade balls to suit the needs of any application. For more information on what to look for in a manufacturer of medical grade balls and medical devices, download our free eBook today.

To learn more about how to procure medical grade balls, or for expert advice in choosing certain ball materials, contact us today.