Any Material, Any Time.

Welcome to Precision Plastic Ball. We specialize in providing precision-ground balls in a variety of colors sizes, types, and materials. Our primary material offers are plastic, thermoplastic, rubber, ceramic, metal, fluorocarbon, and laminate (phenolic). We carry size ranges starting at microns and ranging up to 6″.

We are proud to carry FDA compliant, DFARS 252.225-7014, and DFARS 252.225-7016 products. In addition to our large inventory, we offer a distribution program to help solve your company’s logistic issues. 

About Us

About Precision Plastic Ball

Our products are produced according to specifications and are precision ground in virtually all types of materials – plastic, metal, thermoplastics, rubber, ceramics, fluorocarbons, laminates (phenolics) from microns to 6″ size in different grades. We offer many types of steel balls and are the preferred on-demand supplier to many large companies worldwide. PPB Ball Co. offers a distribution program to solve your company’s logistical issues by stocking balls and delivering as needed (JIT). A partnership with PPB Ball Co. will ensure product availability and ease any supply chain issues.