Hollow Plastic Precision Balls

Hollow Plastic Precision Balls

Precision Plastic Balls provide you with a sphere designed to float on the surface of liquids in an open tank, giving you the option to reduce exposed liquid surface area by as much as 90%.

The three materials that Precision Plastic Balls uses for all of our hollow plastic balls & spheres also help with diminishing objectionable fumes and odors for a better work environment.

Safe Application

Laying down a blanket of spheres also serves to insulate heated liquids so you can reduce evaporation rates and even lower the heat requirements of an application.

Our customers have seen great success using these balls in plating tanks and other open-tank setups as a floating blanket that does not impede access or pose an interaction risk with your machinery.

Hollow spheres float on any liquid and our materials ensure that there will be no welt or rim where chemicals or sediment can deposit. The smooth design also helps to ensure a tighter surface coverage so you’ll see fewer gaps and less heat loss.

Ball Attributes

Precision Plastic Balls has selected three materials to use in our many hollow plastic precision balls because of the safety, performance, and reliability that they offer. Each has a unique set of applications and capabilities that can ensure you run at an optimal efficiency.

Shade Balls

Shade balls are hollow plastic precision balls that we manufacture explicitly for use in reservoirs, lakes, and other sources of human drinking water. We use only the highest quality BPA-free materials and manufacture them in large sizes, 4 inches and greater, for easy retrieval.

Use shade balls to:

  • Reduce loss of drinking water via evaporation
  • Discourage harmful algal blooms
  • Reduce airborne contaminants chemical reactions
  • Keep animals out