Plastic Balls for Control Valves

At Precision Plastic Ball, we carry a range of products that are used in multiple petrochemical exploration applications throughout the oil and gas industry. Our precision ball products are commonly used in control valves, including those found in downhole drilling operations. The ideal ball for each application is dependent on the specific gravity, strength, and durability needed, which is specified by the characteristics of the well itself. The same materials used in fracking are typically used in check valves and other fluid handling devices employed in both downstream and upstream petrochemical processing operations.

Another common application of our products is within the fracking industry. The use of hydraulic fracking has been a boon for domestic oil production and has become essential to maintaining the global oil supply. In fracking, the efficiency at which the oil is removed from the shale is key, and to achieve high returns, high strength fracking balls are used to direct the flow of natural gas and oil through the intended path.

Phenolic, Torlon, and PEEK polymer balls are all popular choices for fracking applications. These materials possess high strength, as well as resistance to most chemicals, and are thus a reliable choice for the harsh environments to which they are subjected. Stainless steel and aluminum are also commonly used, with the ideal material dependent on the nature of the well site. Metal fracking balls have superior temperature resistance and are unmatched in their durability in the most demanding applications. We can assist customers in the selection of the ideal precision ball size and material for their given application and budget. A large range of sizes is available for each material to accommodate a variety of drilling needs.

By carrying a large volume of product in-stock, we can quickly respond to customer needs by shipping orders quickly, expediting the lead time for time-sensitive projects. Samples can be shipped for application testing in order to verify that a specific material and size is appropriate for the given application. Our dedication to customer service, ability to provide a range of products at a competitive price point, and application knowledge is unrivaled in the industry. For additional information about precision balls for petrochemical applications, our plastic balls selection, see the table below or contact us directly.

Industries Oil & Gas
Applications Fracking
Down Hole Drilling

Commonly Used Products

Stainless Steel

Specific Features/Options

High Strength
Impact Resistant
Chemical Resistant

Production Volume

Low Volume
High Volume
Samples Available

Lead Time

Quoted on a Job by Job Basis
Quick Turnaround
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