Plastic Bearing Balls

Plastic Bearing Balls

At Precision Plastic Ball, we provide precision industrial balls used in a wide range of bearings. Roller bearings are preferred for their load-bearing capabilities and near frictionless operation. Our plastic bearing balls are used in bearings that are found in drawer slides, toolboxes, industrial equipment, and other OEM products. Torlon, phenolic, Vespel, and other high-performance plastic balls and materials all possess a high strength and wear resistance. Glass filled nylon, Delrin, and PTFE compounds provide an added level of strength and durability. An array of metal options including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are also available in solid or hollow configurations.

We can provide expert guidance regarding the optimal material choice for a given application. While there may be multiple options that will fit the given specifications, considering strength requirements and cost can help customers minimize their costs while maintaining their product quality. Plastic bearning ball samples are available as needed for testing and approval. Once the ideal product is chosen, we can create a stocking program that allows customers to place a blanket order and release inventory as needed. For additional information about our array of precision industrial ball options for use in bearing applications, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Industries OEM
Tool Box/ Industrial Fixture Manufacturers
Machinery Manufacturers
Mechanical Component Manufacturers
Applications Ball Bearings
Drawer Slides
Other Load-Bearing Applications

Commonly Used Products

High-Performance Plastic
· Torlon
· Phenolic
· Peek
· Tefzel
· Vespel

Glass Filled
· Nylon
· Delrin

· Aluminum
· Stainless Steel
· Steel

Specific Features/Options

High Strength
Impact Resistant

Production Volume

Low Volume
High Volume
Samples Available

Lead Time

Quoted on a Job by Job Basis
Quick Turnaround
JIT Shipping Available