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Calibration Balls

The calibration balls we carry at Precision Plastic Ball are produced to the tight tolerances required for precision instrumentation and registration applications. In these applications, quality is critical as the accuracy of the instruments is directly dependent on the precision of the balls used. Our surveying spheres are coated with a specialized coating that provides civil engineers and surveyors with the ideal surface for locating points while marking land plots and structures.

Our 150 mm coated hollow steel balls are commonly used for aerospace and other types of navigational systems, coordinate measurement machines, and other precision instrumentation. Stainless steel balls are used in CMM equipment due to their high strength, dimensional stability, and chemical inertness. The material used in precision measurement and calibration instrumentation must be stiff enough to resist deformation in order to maintain its accuracy and reliability. For specialty applications, a wide range of additional plastic, metal, and glass filled resin balls are available in a variety of sizes and grades.

We sell precision industrial plastic balls in any volume and carry a number of standard sizes and materials in stock for expedited shipping. Our application specialists can assist customers in the selection of the optimal size, material, and grade of the ball or their specific application, and provide samples on request. For repeat orders, specialty products can be kept in stock and released according to JIT shipping schedules. For additional information about our range of products designed for the surveying, metrology, and precision instrumentation industries, see the table below, or contact us directly.







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