Hollow Steel Precision Balls

Hollow Steel Precision Balls

Hollow steel balls & spheres are able to withstand the rigors of more demanding environments than many other alternatives. These hollow alloy balls and spheres from Precision Plastic Ball Co. allow us to offer our customers a broader range of supported industries and applications than the standard hollow plastic balls.

Hollow metal balls and steel spheres can be successfully used in areas where you need to reduce weight or ensure flotation. Whether it’s an overflow value that needs to be kept in check or other values that require seal creation as liquid levels rise and fall, hollow balls can be a perfect fit for your application.

Currently, Precision Plastic Ball offers standard 3/8 in. (9 and 2 1/40 mm) and 1/2 in. (12 and 7/10mm) hollow steel ball sizes with an aluminum finish.

For customers with specialized needs, Precision Plastic Ball can also produce custom, hollow stainless steel balls. These provide a stronger resistance in some aspects and typically have a higher impact resistance. Their added benefits have made them a top performer in air cargo rollers as well as the gas, hydraulic fracturing, mining, oil, and petrochemical sectors.

See If Aluminum Is a Good Fit for You

Hollow steel and aluminum precision balls have been used in a wide range of industry applications, but plastics may also be a viable option for your specific need. We recommend you request more information or contact us at 847.687.2255 and let our knowledgeable staff work with you to ensure you’re fully protected, prepared, and enabled to perform best.