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Medical Grade Plastic Balls

At Precision Plastic Ball, we sell a wide variety of premium industrial balls to customers in the medical and laboratory research industries. The range of applications of our products within these industries is very diverse. Precision balls may be used in chemical handling components, biological testing, medical instrumentation, and personal protection equipment. For these applications polystyrene, polypropylene, Torlon, and acetal are the most commonly used materials.

Polystyrene balls with a specular finish are used throughout biomedical research labs, especially in the field of immunology, to test the efficacy of antibodies. The specular finish has been shown to increase the accuracy of tests in work published by the National Institute of Health. We also carry a number of polystyrene ball sizes in a natural finish, for other types of research applications.

Polypropylene, acetal, and Torlon all make excellent material choices for check valves and other fluid handling devices used throughout the medical industry. These materials are sanitary, meet FDA requirements, and are impervious to most chemicals. Many of our products meet FDA 21CFR and California Prop 65 requirements for use in drinking water and other applications for which products come in contact with fluids that are designated for human consumption.

With such an array of choices available, selecting the ideal material and size for a given application can be daunting. We can advise customers regarding their different options considering the required material properties and budget, and can provide samples for testing as needed. For additional information about our products that are specified for use in the medical and laboratory research industries, see the table below, or contact us directly.






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Precision Plastic Balls

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  • Polystyrene Natural Finish
  • Acetal
  • Torlon

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