Fluid Handling

Plastic Float Balls

The products we carry at Precision Plastic Ball are used in numerous fluid handling applications. We carry a wide range of ball sizes and materials including high-performance plastic, hollow plastic, and metal balls. In most fluid handling applications, the ball is required to float in the fluid, meaning the specific gravity of the ball must be less than that of the fluid. This is why these precision balls are commonly known as plastic float balls. Hollow plastic balls will float in nearly any fluid, including light hydrocarbons, but even metal balls may be used in more viscous, dense fluids. We can provide standard chemical properties of all of our products for specification purposes.

Plastic float balls make an excellent surface covering for open tanks or ponds in which evaporation is a concern. Balls simply float on the surface and protect the fluid against vaporization without impeding access to the tank. Polypropylene and LPDE are both durable and economical choices for this application. For check valves and other flow control applications, the ball material must be chosen based on the specific gravity of the given fluid as well as the chemical, temperature, and abrasion resistance requirements needed.

Our application specialists can assist customers who are exploring a new application or looking to improve upon an existing project. We can provide samples for testing and inspection to further assist customers in selecting the option that works best for them. Once a product has been chosen, customers may place a blanket order with scheduled releases to minimize per piece costs and ensure that inventory is readily available when needed. For additional information about our products used in fluid handling applications, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Industries Food Processing
Industrial Equipment
Applications Check Valves
Flow Control
Surface Covering

Commonly Used Products

High Performance Plastic

Hollow Plastic
· Polypropylene

· Aluminum
· Stainless Steel
· Steel

Specific Features/Options

Low Specific Gravity
Chemical Resistant

Production Volume

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High Volume
Samples Available

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