Material Handling

Plastic Balls for Transfer Bearings

Plastic balls used for transfer bearings, also known as roller balls, are used extensively in a number of material handling applications and our team at Precision Plastic Ball can provide industrial balls in a number of materials for these applications. Material handling applications require high strength and abrasion resistance to maximize the life of the ball in the application. These applications include castors, conveyors, and transfer tables used in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and shipping vehicles.

Metal and high-performance plastics are both good candidates for use as rollers in material handling equipment. Aluminum, steel, and stainless steel are all good metal options, depending on the load-bearing requirements and weight considerations. For weight-sensitive applications such as in air cargo, hollow stainless steel balls offer the optimal strength to weight ratio, providing the required strength to handle heavy cargo while adding minimal weight to the aircraft.

Torlon, Vespel, TPX, PTFE, PEEK, and Tefzel are all excellent for plastic balls as all of these materials possess a high strength rating and resistance to abrasion. We can assist customers in selecting the ideal material for their strength, weight, and budgetary needs. After the choices have been narrowed down, we can provide samples that allow customers to select the optimal product for their application. By maintaining lean operations and focusing on customer service, our team is able to provide premium quality products at competitive prices. For additional information about our wide range of products that are used in material handling applications, see the table below, or contact us directly.


Air Cargo





Roller Balls

Bearing Components

Commonly Used Products

1” Hollow Stainless Steel Balls (Air Cargo)

Metal Precision Balls

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel

High Performance Plastic Balls

  • Torlon
  • Vespel
  • PTX
  • PTFE
  • PEEK
  • Tefzel

Specific Features/Options

High Strength to Weight Ratios

Excellent Wear Characteristics

High Load Bearing Capacity

Production Volume

Low Volume

High Volume

Samples Available

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Quoted on a Job by Job Basis

Quick Turnaround

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