1. Advantages of Ceramic Balls vs. Steel Balls

    Advantages of Ceramic Balls vs. Steel Balls

    Ceramic Balls vs. Steel Balls

    Ceramic precision balls offer advantages such as being lightweight, lower friction resistance, high temperature resistance, higher rigidity, higher hardness, smoother surface, and higher corrosion resistance (won't rust when exposed to water). Ceramic balls include materials such as:

    Are Ceramic Ball Bearings Better Than Steel Ball Bearings?

    Ceramic precision balls are considered superior because they outperform and outlast more traditional steel balls used for bearings. Ceramic balls require less lubrication

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  2. Phenolic Frac Balls

    Phenolic Frac Balls

    A common method for creating fractures is the use of sliding sleeves and frac ports. A sliding sleeve is inserted betwen packers and is opened by injecting a frac ball within the borehole. Our frac balls, smallest to largest travel within the sleeve until they seat and seal. High pressure causes the sleeve to open. This is repeated with larger balls until multiple fractures are created inside the well. This process is quick and cost effective. The Oil & Gas and Fracking industry has typically identified a Phenolic G-10 balls for temporary plugs. Our proprietary Phenolic mix allows for the same or better performance for a fraction of the cost. We offer frac balls in a multitude of sizes and specific gravity of 1.32 (1.32 sg), 1.44 (1.44 sg) and 1.70 (1.70 sg). PSI strength is imperative for this application. Depending on the ball that is right for you, our product range is effective from 4,000 to 12,000 PSI and more. This material is also being used for high load/performance bearings

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  3. Environmental Water Test - Joquicingo, Mexico

    Environmental Water Test - Joquicingo, Mexico

    In January 2017, Precision Plastic Ball implemented 100,000 shade balls in Joquicingo, Mexico. The site had excess Algae and elevated levels of contaminants. Within 2 weeks, the site was clear of Algae and saw lower levels of contaminants. Within 4 weeks, the site had even lower levels of contaminants. For a lab

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  4. Buna vs Viton: What’s the Difference?

    Buna vs Viton: What’s the Difference?

    Pneumatic, hydraulic and water applications frequently employ rubber resin balls for their flexible, strong, oil-resistant characteristics. Their use in fluid and air control systems and components, such as check valves, serves as a perfect example. Two key resin materials continuing to make headway in the industry are

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  5. Precision Plastic Ball: A Proud Minority Business Enterprise

    Precision Plastic Ball: A Proud Minority Business Enterprise

    1968 was a wrenching year for Chicago, characterized by economic blight and civil turmoil rooted in the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination and many other social factors. Rising out of this upheaval was the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council (Chicago MSDC). The Chicago MSDC began as a group of local leaders whose goal was to unite minority business enterprises (MBEs) and forge partnerships with big corporations and government agencies alike. They wanted to offer hope to the community, struggling to succeed at a time when the whole world seemed to be pulling down around them. The council was effective then, and it’s still working today. As the Chicago MSDC approaches their 50thanniversary, their success is more evident than ever — with over 1,100 participating minority businesses and more than $3 billion in related purchases reported per

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  6. PPB Made Target's Winter Wonderland Wonderful

    PPB Made Target's Winter Wonderland Wonderful

    The holiday season — the time of the year for hot cocoa, joy, peace, love, family, and… consumer research? Maybe not for you, but it is for Target. In early December of last year, the retail giant opened “Wonderland!”, what they described as a “retail spectacle.” The 16,000 square foot space was located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan and remained open until December 22. The most recent example of Target’s consumer and market outreach programs in the New York City area, “Wonderland!” was designed to experiment with blending in-store and online shopping, test unique shopping methods, and poll shoppers on their changing shopping habits and preferences. Due to the timing of the spectacle, “Wonderland!” was winter- and Christmas-themed, even getting its name from the cherished carol “Winter Wonderland.” Target Chief Marketing Of

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  7. Having a Ball at the TED Conference

    Having a Ball at the TED Conference

    By now, you’ve probably heard about Precision Plastic Ball Company and how our products are used for all sorts of different applications. You may know about our high-quality medical ball bearings and our fuel- and oil-resistant premium-grade polyurethane balls. You may have even heard of our plastic shade balls manufacturing capabilities, which can greatly benefit the environment during times of drought. But for now, we want you to forget all of those formal applications and focus on something really important: how do you make the best quality ball pit for grown-ups to play in? The planners of the upcoming TED conference needed to know — and they contacted us to figure it out.

    Not Just for Kids Anymore

    TED began long before the internet age at a conference in 1984 — but their focus has always been on cutting edge ideas and technology. Today, TED is responsible for an ever-growing number of viral videos and high-profile events. For the 2016 conference in Vancouver, Canad

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  8. What To Know About Precision Polymer Radiation in 2016

    What To Know About Precision Polymer Radiation in 2016

    In order to support healthcare applications, implements such as medical ball bearings must be of the highest quality and carefully constrained purity. This is critical in making sure that both the short-term and long-term patient outcomes are maximized. Because of this, healthcare practitioners must rely on a manufacturer that is able to meet the strict and demanding requirements of the medical and laboratory industries. There are a few important factors to consider, including the below.

    Effects of IrradiationMedical devices comprised of plastic polymers can either be enhanced or compromised through radiation effects. Irradiation interacts with polymers in one of two ways:

    • Chain Scission: compromises or reduces
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  9. Greenbuild: Building a Brighter Future For Sustainability Through Shade Ball Education

    Greenbuild: Building a Brighter Future For Sustainability Through Shade Ball Education

    The Greenbuild International Conference and Expo is an annual, three-day event connecting thought leaders in sustainable building from around the world. Greenbuild 2015, held in Washington D.C. in October, featured educators, exhibitors, speakers, volunteers, and vendors all coming together to network and share the latest innovations and inspirations in sustainable building. One of the most popular topics at this year’s Greenbuild conference was the ongoing effort to enhance water protection and combat California’s historic drought; one of the latest innovations in this space is the precision shade ball. Made of thin, high density polyethylene, these small water ballasts, about 4” in diameter, line the surface of reservoirs to block the sunlight that causes evaporation.

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  10. Precision Plastic Ball Heads to Greenbuild Expo 2015

    Precision Plastic Ball Heads to Greenbuild Expo 2015

    Hosted by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Greenbuild is the largest green building expo and conference in the world, held annually since 2002. The USGBC and Greenbuild are dedicated to bringing professionals, field experts, and industry leaders who are dedicated to building using green practices together, allowing them to share ideas, innovations, and sustainable building practices. The three-day event includes an expansive exhibitor floor, Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) workshops, showcases, speakers, a plenary talk, and more. Greenbuild 2015 will be held later this month, from November 18 to 20, in the Washington Convention Center in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. For the first time, Precision Plastic Ball (PPB) will be joining Greenbuild as an exhibitor. PPB will be on hand — in Booth 2712 at the Water Pavilion — to demonstrate and promote our Shade Balls. Shade Balls are hollow plast

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