A common method for creating fractures is the use of sliding sleeves and frac ports. A sliding sleeve is inserted betwen packers and is opened by injecting a frac ball within the borehole. Our frac balls, smallest to largest travel within the sleeve until they seat and seal. High pressure causes the sleeve to open. This is repeated with larger balls until multiple fractures are created inside the well. This process is quick and cost effective. The Oil & Gas and Fracking industry has typically identified a Phenolic G-10 balls for temporary plugs. Our proprietary Phenolic mix allows for the same or better performance for a fraction of the cost. We offer frac balls in a multitude of sizes and specific gravity of 1.32 (1.32 sg), 1.44 (1.44 sg) and 1.70 (1.70 sg). PSI strength is imperative for this application. Depending on the ball that is right for you, our product range is effective from 4,000 to 12,000 PSI and more. This material is also being used for high load/performance bearings today. While Phenolic is the most common material used today, we also offer Torlon(PAI), and Hollow Steel / Aluminum balls for use. Precision Plastic Ball supplies thousands of Frac balls monthly, and we hope to work with you to identify the optimal frac ball for your down hole application. Our high volume allows us to be competitive in pricing and lead times. Please feel free to reach out to us today to discuss your frac ball needs.