Technological advancements in manufacturing have enabled modern companies to improve the efficiency and reliability of diverse medical instruments and devices. The use of precision balls and ball bearings has become more prevalent in the medical field; this is due to several benefits that can only be provided by bearings. Healthcare practitioners must rely on the best quality instruments to treat their patients, and as such, they must also rely on a manufacturer able to meet certain requirements. This short, but crucial list of traits will help you choose which company to choose as a partner on your next product development project.

1. Compliance with industrial standards

Manufacturers must provide products that meet the strict quality and purity requirements of many industrial standards. Common standards include the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21, Part 820 and ISO 13485:2003; each pertains to the quality of products used on humans.

2. Proficiency with high and low volume production

The manufacturing partner you choose must be able to meet the fluctuating production demands of your company. Additionally, a manufacturer should be capable of offering samples, you can determine if their products will suit your applications.

3. Quick turnaround times

In the medical industry, every product need is immediate; patient lives depend on these products, and manufacturers must provide the fastest possible lead times. Many companies utilize Just-in-time (JIT) practices to ensure healthcare practitioners receive products as needed. Choosing the right manufacturer with the right materials is key, especially for medical devices. Precision Plastic Ball is a leading manufacturer of high-quality ball bearings ideal for various medical applications. All of our medical grade balls are manufactured in separate control areas and meet the most stringent industry regulations. For more information about choosing the right material for your project, or to learn how Precision Plastic Ball can support your Healthcare applications, check out our free eBook, "Choosing a Partner in the Medical Device Field".

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