1968 was a wrenching year for Chicago, characterized by economic blight and civil turmoil rooted in the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination and many other social factors. Rising out of this upheaval was the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council (Chicago MSDC). The Chicago MSDC began as a group of local leaders whose goal was to unite minority business enterprises (MBEs) and forge partnerships with big corporations and government agencies alike. They wanted to offer hope to the community, struggling to succeed at a time when the whole world seemed to be pulling down around them. The council was effective then, and it’s still working today. As the Chicago MSDC approaches their 50thanniversary, their success is more evident than ever — with over 1,100 participating minority businesses and more than $3 billion in related purchases reported per year.

What Does This Certification Mean for You?

When you support a Chicago MSDC certified business, you help the network as a whole succeed and grow. A few of their objectives include:

• Increasing the number of MBEs and connecting them with each other and outside corporations

• Helping MBEs to secure mergers and alliances for mutually beneficial relationships

• Educating participants to improve technological skills for enhanced competition

• Serving as a resource to help MBEs advance and grow their businesses

With goals like these, the Chicago MSDC promotes the value of diversity for buyers and sellers across industries. As communication technology improves, MBEs continue to grow their connections to each other and the business community as a whole.

Precision Products for Chicago and Beyond

At Precision Plastic Ball, we are proud of our Chicago MSDC certification as a bona fide MBE. The Chicago MSDC not only dedicates itself to sustaining and growing minority-owned businesses; the group also provide tools and educational resources to help encourage diversity in all different industries. As a minority-owned company, we strive to expand our presence, producing products for a broad array of clients and industries. We offer plastic and steel balls that are precision-fabricated to meet virtually any customer specification. Our manufacturing capabilities include plastic resin balls, rubber resin balls, alloy balls, hollow steel balls, registration spheres, and a host of other products. Our products cover an expanding scope of industries and capabilities — from personal care products, bearings, and fluid handling to food industry and medical applications. As our client base grows, we are proud of our partnership with the Chicago MSDC and their commitment to ensuring the growth and success of minority-owned businesses. If you would like to learn more about our Chicago MSDC certification, you can view our certification here; or, if you would like to speak to a member of our team, contact us today.