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Using polyester resin, with Shore hardness of 70 D, our injected molded premium-grade polyurethane balls are suited for casters, gears, sprockets, and sporting equipment. Resin exhibits fuel and oil resistance while providing high firmness, tensile, and tear properties. For your sifting or grading process, natural color resin meets terms with FDA food-contact regulations 21 CFR 177.1680 and 177.2600, making polyurethane balls a must for your manufacturing needs. Instances like build-up or "blinding" on vibrating screens can cause serious interruptions to the day-to-day functionality of manufacturing and the loss of productivity and downtime are crucial to many industries. Our premium-grade polyurethane balls  have a much higher performance rating than typical polyurethane balls, and they last longer in harsher environments. In addition, the properties of these premium-grade polyurethane balls offer a phenomenal improvement over commonly available rubber balls, such as:

o Solid Cast Thermoset Polyurethane - Superior to all rubber compounds.

o Extreme Abrasion Resistance - Tremendous wear life reduces maintenance.

o Non-porous. Oil, Moisture, Chemical Resistant - Fights caking and build-up; it will not deteriorate.

o Optimum Rebound Resilience and Durometer (Hardness) - Maximum cleaning action; it will not damage screens.

o FDA-approved for Dry, Aqueous and Fatty Foods - No contamination and bacteriological safe.

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