Living in a world of ever-changing technology means saying goodbye to the days of, "Wait. Did we turn off the coffee maker?" Today, smartphone apps control appliances by helping you keep cool or warm, baking cookies while you're driving, and even washing your dishes. It's all done on the go and with the touch of a button. Read on to see our list of the greatest types of smartphone app-controlled appliances to date:

o Refrigerators – No home is complete without a refrigerator and there are several apps available to complement this staple appliance. Your smart device can be used to set up helpful refrigerator alerts. A quick notification lets users know when it time to replace food items or water filters; your app can even tell you when the fridge door is ajar. LG HomeChat lets you communicate with your appliances from your smartphone.

o Laundry Machines – Laundry can be a demanding household chore, but smart devices can help lighten the load. Several washers and dryers can be activated and monitored using an app. You will be fully aware of how much time is left on the wash or dry cycle, and you’ll receive a notification when the cycle is complete. With your app, you can also monitor the amount of detergent in the washing machine as well as the temperature setting of the dryer. The Samsung Smart Washer app allows you to control your washing machine from your smartphone.

o Dishwashers – After filling up your dishwasher, you can get the process started via smartphone or tablet devices. In addition to activating your appliance, apps will monitor the wash cycle and alert you upon completion. Control your dishwasher from your desk with the Whirlpool smart appliance app and come home to clean plates.

Ovens – Ovens are ideal for slow-cooking or baking, but you need to carefully monitor these appliances. Oven apps can keep your cooking under control while you’re out running other errands. Whether you prefer range or wall ovens, there’s an appropriate app for you. Using an app, you can preheat the oven, set timers, and check the status of whatever you’re cooking. GE’s Connected Wall Ovens allow you to keep things under control at the touch of a button.

o Thermostats – App controlled thermostats help you become more energy efficient by carefully monitoring your home’s temperature. Using your smart device, you can adjust the heat in your home to suit your schedule — you won’t have to waste energy needlessly. Apps can also program various automated heating settings.Honeywell and several other companies provide app controlled thermostats so you can cool or warm your home before you open the door.

o Water Heaters – Unlike people, water heaters don’t take vacations. When you’re away from home, your smart device can monitor the operation and condition of your water heater. Not only can you adjust temperatures from an app, but you can also program the water heater to shut off if you plan to take an extended trip.

o Air Conditioners – Air conditioner apps can monitor, program, and control your appliance from anywhere in your home. Additionally, these apps can track how much you’ve spent on cooling each month and offer suggestions based on your budget. You can also schedule your air conditioner to begin cooling when you’re on the way back home.

o Home Security Systems – Smart apps can be used to help keep your home secure. From your phone or tablet device, you can view live video feeds of your entire home. With motion sensor technology, you can be immediately notified when a door or window is being tampered with. You can also be alerted when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.

o Televisions – The first television was created over a century ago and changing channels was completely manual. Thanks to the advent of the remote control, people no longer need to touch their televisions to activate them — modern technology took this concept and ran with it. Using a smartphone app, you can control every feature of your television — from sound and picture settings to sleep timers and parental locks.

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