By now, you’ve probably heard about Precision Plastic Ball Company and how our products are used for all sorts of different applications. You may know about our high-quality medical ball bearings and our fuel- and oil-resistant premium-grade polyurethane balls. You may have even heard of our plastic shade balls manufacturing capabilities, which can greatly benefit the environment during times of drought. But for now, we want you to forget all of those formal applications and focus on something really important: how do you make the best quality ball pit for grown-ups to play in? The planners of the upcoming TED conference needed to know — and they contacted us to figure it out.

Not Just for Kids Anymore

TED began long before the internet age at a conference in 1984 — but their focus has always been on cutting edge ideas and technology. Today, TED is responsible for an ever-growing number of viral videos and high-profile events. For the 2016 conference in Vancouver, Canada, the organizers at PDW, Inc. came up with an idea: why not build a ball pit with a beach vibe for all the attendees to enjoy? While the concept may conjure visions of children’s play spaces, creating a new spin on old ideas is part of what people love about TED conferences and talks. Making this a reality took balls — 33,500 of them, to be exact, filling a space measuring 462 square feet. Our team needed to manufacture 33,500 balls to fill a 462 square foot space and deliver the entire set to the conference site. After delivery, conference organizers filled the pit with the plastic balls and some decorative beach balls were added to the mix. Conference participants were able to jump in and feel like a kid again, with only one important rule that everyone needed to follow, which was conveyed by a sign nearby: Please Take Off Your Shoes.

The Fun Was On Us

We were pleased to provide the perfect plastic balls to help make the Vancouver TED conference even more fun and memorable. Available in virtually every type of materials, from plastics, thermoplastics, and rubbers to metal, fluorocarbons, laminates, and much more, our balls can be used for an extremely wide range of functions. As demonstrated here, there is virtually no limit to what our products can do — including shade balls in California, which were developed to help ease the drought. To request a quote or learn more about how we can put our capabilities to work for you, please contact us today.