The holiday season — the time of the year for hot cocoa, joy, peace, love, family, and… consumer research? Maybe not for you, but it is for Target. In early December of last year, the retail giant opened “Wonderland!”, what they described as a “retail spectacle.” The 16,000 square foot space was located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan and remained open until December 22. The most recent example of Target’s consumer and market outreach programs in the New York City area, “Wonderland!” was designed to experiment with blending in-store and online shopping, test unique shopping methods, and poll shoppers on their changing shopping habits and preferences. Due to the timing of the spectacle, “Wonderland!” was winter- and Christmas-themed, even getting its name from the cherished carol “Winter Wonderland.” Target Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Jones described the space to Fortune magazine as a Christmas store that Willy Wonka, Dr. Seuss, and even Santa Claus himself would design together.

One of the main focal points of the pop-up store wasn’t a highly coveted holiday gift item or even an emerging shopping technology. It was the ball pit, purely for the fun of visiting children. The pit was designed around a life-sized replica LEGO ship sailing on a white iridescent sea of snow. That snow was made of high-quality plastic balls. Target sourced those balls from — who else — Precision Plastic Ball.

For “Wonderland!,” Precision Plastic Ball supplied 30,000 plastic balls. Precision Plastic Ball can manufacture lightweight, flexible, hollow plastic balls out of an array of food- and contact- safe plastics, in virtually any color, and in sizes up to six inches in diameter. These types of balls are ideal for ball pits and other play applications — this would be particularly beneficial to any company that hosts children’s parties, or other related events. Though the happiness of children is very important to us here at Precision Plastic Ball, balls for ball pits are far from our only offerings. High-quality precision balls from Precision Plastic Ball support industry, drive research and development efforts across disciplines, and even do their part to help save the planet. To learn how, download “Precision Shade Balls: Shade Balls in 2016" our newest free eBook, today.