Registration And Targeting Spheres

Registration spheres, also called targeting spheres, are some of the largest balls manufactured here at Precision Plastic Ball. These gauging balls are used to help systems such as LiDAR and FARO 3D applications generate reference points and register signal contacts.

Registration spheres have many unique characteristics that can include the requirement for a stem or threaded handle attachment for proper placement within a system.

We bring more than 60 years of experience to their creation and can ensure you a production line that meets demands and produces error-free results.

Only the Best: Alumina Oxide

Alumina oxide is the only material we use for the creation of registration spheres because it features a very high resistance to corrosion and high operating temperatures.

While not suited for strong alkaline environments, alumina oxide can withstand repeated use in LiDAR and FARO 3D applications.

Other top characteristics of alumina oxide spheres include:

  • Chemical inertness
  • Good compression strength
  • High hardness
  • High melting point
  • Resistance to abrasion and wear
  • Thermal shock resistance

Understanding LiDAR and FARO 3D

Precision is the name of the game for registration spheres. They must be accurate and blemish-free for top performance in the LiDAR and FARO 3D operations.

LiDAR is a remote sensing method that relies on light pulses from a laser to measure angles and calculate distances on Earth.

Laser systems and airborne data combine to paint an accurate picture of a landscape and help in the production of emergency response plans, storm and storm surge modeling, shoreline mapping, surveying, and coastal danger analysis.

FARO creates industry-leading 3D imaging, measurement, and modeling technology to help manufacturing, animation diagramming, and modeling services that even go as far as recreating accidents and performing forensic engineering.

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While these scanners and registration systems are the top projects that use registration spheres, your applications may also be inclined to the benefits that alumina oxide provide. Contact us here at Precision Plastic Ball to learn how these precision balls and many other precision crafted products can improve your operations and equipment.

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