High Temperature & Specialty Plastic Balls

Specialized industries face many unique, harsh environments and need equipment to withstand a variety of exposures to ensure accurate operations and readings. Precision Plastic Ball is proud to offer a series of high-performance plastic balls designed specifically for your taxing environment.

Our line of high-performance plastic balls feature:

  • High corrosion resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • High melting points
  • Minimal expansion rate
  • High energy radiation resistance in some materials

Each of our six high-performance materials boasts a set of unique characteristics and application potential. Operational temperature ranges from cryogenic levels to more than 550oF, with excursions up to 900oF.

Industry Applications

Your industry is tough and you need the materials to handle the extreme environments that encompass your day-to-day operations. We’ve selected our materials to meet the demanding nature of your site and your equipment’s need.

Common industry applications for some of our materials include:

  • TPX: Fluid Handling and Medical applications requiring FDA compliance
  • Torlon: Petrochemical Fracking, Material Handling, Medical, and Laboratory applications
  • Vespel: Material Handling in severe, hot environments

We also stock materials designed to withstand common industrial solvents, operate in extreme temperatures without physical property loss, and the ability to maintain strength and stiffness in punishing applications.

High-performance plastic balls are also capable of managing your less-strenuous applications at an affordable price and a reliable production rate. Whether you need materials that can withstand radiation exposure or simply provide a better gas-permeable packaging, Precision Plastic Ball has the right fit for you.

Get a full list of our available materials and the individual high-performance plastic balls we offer here.

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Precision Plastic Ball has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic balls for more than 60 years. To meet the varying demands of the high-performance plastics applications our customers use, we’ve created this line of plastic balls using six industry-leading materials including PEEK and Vespel.

To learn more about your option or to place an order, call us on the number above or contact us here.

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