Filled Plastic Bearing Balls

Filled plastic precision balls boast greater strength across many dimensions compared to the traditional standard ball made of the same outer material. Precision Plastic Ball offers a set of high-quality options designed to meet a variety of industry applications.

Currently we offer 47 different fiberglass-filled plastic precision balls made of Delrin, Nylon, or PTFE, plus a special barium-filled line that has a unique application in mind.

Fiberglass-Filled Support

The fiberglass-filled balls can offer your application an improved heat resistance as well as better mechanical and dimensional properties than standard uniform-material balls. Each material provides a specific set of benefits.

Glass Filled Delrin

  • Offers greater stiffness, low warpage, and higher dimensional stability
  • Features improved creep resistance
  • Resistant to impacts and has high fatigue endurance
  • Demonstrates good impact resistance

Glass Filled Nylon

  • Maintains Nylon’s excellent wear resistance
  • Offers increased strength, stiffness, creep resistance and dimensional stability
  • Supports higher maximum service temperatures
  • Features increased tensile, compressive, and flexural properties over standard Nylon

Glass Filled PTFE

  • Improved resistance to wear or deformation under load
  • Highly resistant to many acids and oxidation; though can be attacked by alkali
  • Features greater wear resistance and improved hardness
  • Lower thermal expansion than standard PTFE

These materials have found a home in many material handling, petrochemical, commercial, and precision-part manufacturing applications.

X-Ray Requirements

Precision Plastic Ball also stocks a Barium-filled LDPE ball designed specifically for use with x-rays. To learn more about this specialized application, contact one of our experts today. We’ll work together to understand your need and determine the best LDPE package to suit your needs.

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Precision Plastic Ball offers a wide range of products that bring precision and safe construction to some of today’s toughest industries. For more than 60 years we’ve been delivering compliant, industry-leading precision balls tailored to our customers’ needs and regulatory demands.

Find out how filled plastic precision balls can benefit your company every day by calling us at 847.678.2255 or contacting us here. We’ll help you get the right material, place the right order, and even work with your logistics team to ensure you’re always stocked with the precision balls you need.

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